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Promises, promises: Greece goes to the polls. From The Economist Espresso. 09/19/2015



Photo: AFP

Syriza, Greece’s former governing party, ends the general-election campaign today with a rally in central Athens. Its leader, Alexis Tsipras, will appeal to wavering left-wingers: the voters who will decide whether Sunday’s ballot returns him to power or cedes it to the centre-right New Democracy party. Opinion polls (no great oracles) show the parties with near-equal support. Syriza’s radical reputation is in tatters: many young voters who believed Mr Tsipras’s creditor-defying campaign pledge in January feel betrayed by his acceptance in July of yet more austerity and painful reforms—the price of an €86 billion ($97 billion) European Union bail-out. Both parties say they will implement that deal, but the election is unlikely to give a decisive result: New Democracy says it would like a coalition with Syriza; Mr Tsipras has ruled it out. But few would rule out another somersault.





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